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This is why. My point of inspiration. The point that I found myself again. After being quite for so long. I was lost. Lost is parenting, lost in running my business. Lost for everything I need to be in my day to day life. This scene, the fresh air, smell of the ocean, chirps of the birds brought me back to me. I have way more in me to say to be able to fit it in my business.

And I definetaly can't keep it to myself because I truely beleive that I can make a difference in the way we see the world and act or react to it. So this is me reinventing this old blog. I was absent for so long almost 10 years realizing my business dream. That is still going on and waiting for life to get less busy to do this is a waste of time. It's time for me to keep it real with me and share my thoughts and beliefs maybe it comes handy to someone. Maybe just maybe one day my kids and grandkids read it and know me a bit more.

This is a very simple card that can easily made in numbers if you give out Valentine cards at school. You can do the same or leave it as is. It is earth month and I thought it is a good time to have an overview of things we can do in our kitchen to lead a greener life.

Now, now. Digital life is bringing a new and unknown territory for parents. How are we going to keep our children safe with all these unknown and new aspects of digital life, our parents didn't tell us about password privacy and love!!!

I think parenting in our time is the most difficult job ever. Every thing is changing quite fast without us being able to figure out or predict the dangers or effects of the new. I was standing in the lineup for the cashier and as usual was checking out the magazines.

It hit me, this is the New Year resolution of many. So is it their resolution or is this something they think they want to do because it's everywhere!!! Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser.The Busy Mom Blog.

April 14, April 13, Breakfast Recipes. April 14, by admin 0 Comments. The Pineapple Fizz is a tropical, rum-based variation on a classic Fizz recipe spirit, lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water. Substitute the pineapple juice with muddled pineapple, pineapple syrup or pineapple puree. In this video, we will make a very quick and easy recipe for a egg-free chocolate cake without an oven.

This Biscuit Cake is super easy with just 3 ingredients, is cooked in steam inside a cooker like choco idlis, this cake tastes just as good as a regular chocolate cake.

busy mom blog

Get the Ingredients —. Chaffles are made out of cheese and an egg.

Top 100 Mom Blogs Every Mommy Must Read in 2020

Since they are a waffle that contains cheese, they are called a Chaffle. These keto waffles are the latest keto craze and. And added red chilli powder. These quick and easy snack recipes are just what you need during the lockdown. Do try and keep safe at home. Lunch Recipes. Quick and Easy to Make, Tastes super delicious. This Veg Macaroni is perfect for your kids lunch box.

Loaded with veggies, makes this a perfect healthy lunch for your kid. Not only as a lunch. Dinner Recipes. These healthy, budget-friendly dinner recipes are nutritious and easy to whip up.

Crispy Indian style breadsticks recipe are irresistibly delicious. I love starting my day with a healthy breakfast like one of these recipes. Start cooking healthier meals at home with the Goodful Cookbook.

busy mom blog

Subscribe to Goodful for all your healthy self care needs. April 13, by admin 0 Comments. Feeling social? So are we. Hey loves!

I am officially 20lbs down since returning from Jamaica!Referrals, we all know, are the absolute best way to find new customers. Amass a great number of referrals. Nevertheless, the act of asking for a referral is not a comfortable thing to do for most business owners. Discover seven easy and unobtrusive ways to grow your customer base.


World premier of the new AvaHosting Internet Solutions video! A lot of unwanted messages get into your inbox when you order a product or subscribe to a mailing list. The company automatically signs you up to receive unwanted marketing or shares your information with an advertiser. See our previous article on Spam […].

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The number three goes back to the very beginning of time; all the way back to the Triune Godhead […]. Teen dating violence is not a small portion of the teen populations, yet many parents remain unaware or misinformed by the facts. In my experience as a single mother, as well as a small business owner and entrepreneur — or as I like to call myself, a mompreneur — I have found that owning and operating a business is a lot like raising a child: it takes patience and persistence, as well as love and dedication, and my job is never done.

The good news: You can prevent your kids from catching colds and ruining your plans. There is mounting evidence through research and findings that our minds can actually heal our bodies. How does it know what to do? How does it know to breathe automatically and repair and fight off bacteria and viruses? The brain runs the body but the mind influences the brain. We can change our brain function through mind control.

How can you stop yourself from gaining more than a pound a day? Running a business can be challenging enough, but when you are a mom it doubles—no triples the whole affair. So how can mompreneurs survive? Setting boundaries. Besides eating lots of chicken, I find pork tenderloins make a delicious alternative.

They usually come two to a package and require minimal amount of prep. Today, doctors are prescribing FDA-approved drugs at an alarming rate, creating a generation of addicted people and that does include our children. So what can we do as parents to help navigate our children through this drug epidemic in this crucial time? Created by Avahosting Internet Solutions!

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Submit Your Blog. United States About Blog Working Mother is a national magazine committed to helping moms balance their personal and professional lives. A dedicated champion of culture change, Working Mother is the largest multimedia company in the country focused on diversity and the advancement of women. The website provides critical resources and information ranging from pregnancy and child-care to health and nutrition.

CTWM's aims to be a place of compassion and support for all moms because the world needs more love and less judgment. Texas, United States About Blog Fab Working Mom Life is a family lifestyle blog where I share my journey through this whole baby and parenting thing while working full-time. I write about being a first time working mom to help myself and other working moms in our journey to find a balance between our family, responsibilities, and hobbies.

I do this because we moms need a support network to thrive both at home and at work. Facebook fans I am a married, working mom of two year old son and 7-year old daughter. I put my UNC Tarheels' degree in Communication Studies to use at an advertising agency and hands-on experience as a working mom to use on this blog.

My family and I live in southwest Virginia. My mission here is to make your life as a working mom just a little bit easier.

My name is Maz. I am a working mom from Cape Town, South Africa who apparently enjoys blogging more than sleep. This is mostly a personal blog filled with the highest highs and lowest lows that comes with being a parent. Basically a documentation of my perfectly imperfect life as a modern, working mom. San Francisco, California, United States About Blog A place for mothers who work to discuss the challenges and joys, pros and cons, and every day issues working mothers face.

I want to help working moms everywhere take control of their financial, working, and family life, and reach their dreams-whatever those might be. Run by busy New York City mom Ilana, Mommy Shorts features tons of unbelievable parenting wisdom, endless amounts of entertaining wit, and enough family cuteness to completely knock your socks off.Ken Levinson.

Being a mom can be overwhelming at times.

Top 100 Working Mom Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020

Being a stay-at-home mom SAHM adds new challenges to the task. Moms turn to blogs for advice, comic relief and a sense of community amongst themselves. We picked a range of moms to fit every niche, in the hopes you will find one hopefully many that you can relate to and follow.

If your blog is on the list, be sure to grab your blog badge and show your SAHM pride.

busy mom blog

Veronica July 6, pm. Ken Levinson July 6, pm. Ashley Paige July 11, pm. What an awesome list of some of the most amazing and creative Mommies! Thank you so much! Mia July 12, am. I wish I could be part of your next list if you would. Anyway Ken, I just wanted to congratulate you on having this great site that gives opportunities to every children and moms nor family have a better life!

Ken Levinson August 1, pm. Courtney The Mommy Matters July 25, pm. What a great list of blogs! I really feel the same way. If you learn to deal with your children and make up a good schedule the day will for sure go by much quickly. I love being a stay at home mom, who else can do a better job of taking care of your children than yourself…. Andrea October 27, pm.

Ultimate List of 100+ Mom Bloggers Names and Ideas

Hello all you wonderful mommas out there! I am looking for some SAHM in the Providence, RI area who are looking to get out for one hour per week and volunteer in an elementary classroom.

Interested or know of someone who may be? Email aritter inspiringmindsri. Michelle P. November 28, am. What a great list!!! I just ran across this list today and was so happy to see some of the blogs I already read on here and some new ones to add to my list!

Thanks for this They are wonderful ladies indeed. Lisa January 10, am. I sell scentsy and my team is growing.

It is a perfect job to add a few dollars to the bank account and be able to stay at home. Please look at my website, contact me for any questions.Submit your blog below if you want to grow your traffic and revenue. Submit Your Blog. About Blog The Scary Mommy Community is a place to find support and camaraderie with amazing moms who love to help one another. We are scattered all around the world, of all different colors and sizes and lifestyles, united by a single thing: Motherhood. Australia About Blog Stay at Home Mum is the ultimate guide for real mums, the perfect, the imperfect, the facts It provides frugal money saving ideas with some great tips and hints on cooking, cleaning, parenting etc with a fun and lighthearted twist.

United States About Blog Where moms and people who love them go to change the world! Together we can build a nation where children, parents, and businesses thrive; and end discrimination against mothers. United States About Blog Working Mother is a national magazine committed to helping moms balance their personal and professional lives. A dedicated champion of culture change, Working Mother is the largest multimedia company in the country focused on diversity and the advancement of women.

Tampa, Florida, United States About Blog About a Mom is a resource for moms with ideas for family fun, crafts, family travel, recipes and more. Chicago, Illinois, United States About Blog The healthy moms magazine is dedicated to educating busy moms on how to make simple lifestyle changes to take care of their whole self, mind, body and spirit.

busy mom blog

About Blog Embracing parenthood one day at a time. Blog moderndaymoms. Oklahoma, United States About Blog Mom Spark, created by blogger Amy Bellgardt inis a trendy blog for moms that includes articles on Parenting, food, fashion, travel, diy, decor and more. Rookie Moms is an indispensible blog for parents, updated regularly with creative ideas for activities that will help you get out of the house and have more fun -- with baby in tow.

She loves coffee, books, music, cooking, DIY, people, photography, life and collecting smiles. Twitter followers 4. BangaloreKarnatakaIndia About Blog Tales of a mother's journey with her child ; Fact and fiction, introspection and inspiration, love and learning. As the name 'Diary of a Doting Mom' suggests, this blog is a diary of my thoughts on my parenting journey as I raise my daughter. My mission is to empower women to find flexible work arrangements that fit their family values.

Also to help other working moms build their own online businesses so that they can achieve the ultimate flexibility in their careers on their own terms! About Blog A blog about family, kids, photography, food and travel. We share family activities, jokes and riddles for kids, pregnancy advice and parentings tips for mothers. Houston, Texas, United States About Blog We are passionate about our community and the moms who live here, and our goal is to make this big city that we all live in feel just a little bit smaller.

Nashville mom blogger, Scarlet, writes about all things family related- parenting, recipes, crafts, family activities, decor, eco tips, travel, and more. From DIY projects and home tours, to book reviews, family-friendly travel, and discussions about modern parenting.

The more I learn, the more I feel like sharing it with people around.Hey everyone! I wanted to share what we have been trying out as we adjust to this new normal as a family of 6.

So revised our schedule and added a little more school work into the mix as requested by the girls. First things first though…. I want to share my heart with you guys! I also feel worry over my community and our country and especially my kids! I want to make this time the least chaotic as I can for them…but that also takes a toll on me as a mama. You have to do the hard parenting parts too. And right now it can feel like a lot. I know so many moms who feel the same way. This is a hard time.

I told my kids that even though so much of our normal life is out the window…and we have all these worries and fears bubbling up inside…we have to remember all we have to be grateful for and think about all of the people who are suffering or struggling way more than we are.

That has helped our day to day quarantine life a lot. My mom also reminded me to, every day, think of something that HAS NOT changed… focus on that and hold onto those constants in our life!

I do feel that some routine and structure helps everyone. My kids do much better when they know what is expected of them that day and what they have to look forward to or need to get done. I also wanted to keep our schedule pretty loose. No starting the schedule super early… or filling up every 15 minutes. We are adjusting to this new season AND… we have a newborn. So life is coo coo with that alone.

I was homeschooled 2nd grade through high school and my mom wrote up a similar format for my lesson work. Knowing what I needed to do each day, in each subject, helped a lot. That is key.

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